About Me

Jax Schott is a DONA trained birth doula, who started her path in 2006 teaching Yoga & Ayurveda, specializing in Prenatal; Postnatal; Mom & Baby, and Children classes. (For more information on Yoga and Ayurveda, please check out www.shaktisyoga.com)

While serving others through yoga, she was drawn to teaching Prenatal/Postnatal. With the knowledge from extensive trainings involving women’s anatomy, both the physical and subtle (energetic) body, she created classes that helped her students build strength, confidence, imagery, and optimal positioning for their births to come. As her classes grew, her students were grateful for the role she played in their lives, and she felt drawn to doing something more.

Her biggest accomplishment thus far was the birth of her own two daughters, Sienna Rose in February 2009, and Nayana Yasmine in October 2011. The Female Body is an amazing source of love and energy, being surrounded by women in her classes and helping them through their birth, naturally led her to want to help them and their partners through the ultimate journey of bringing life into this world. After the birth of her second daughter, she was inspired and focused on helping women through their births. She became a Doula in 2012, and feels it is her natural calling. 

She loves being part of the miracle of life and wants to hold a space to help a women and her partner experience this transcendent moment. Being able to do this for a couple is not just an honor, but a blessing.

Jax is committed to help create a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering environment for women to give birth. With compassion and ability to really listen to what people need, as well as her intuitiveness to what the mother may physically and emotionally need, she will help the couple feel empowered and at ease, while bringing her big heart and sense of humor to their birth experience.

"Labor is an opportunity for women to learn about themselves and what their bodies are capable of doing"

Deepak Chopra (modified quote).