Doula Client Testimonials

I am a FTM, and I always knew I wanted to have a natural,no-interventions birth. Since I was also aware that I would need someone by my side who really knows the "ins & outs" about giving birth, someone I can trust and build a relationship with in advance, I decided to hire a Doula. When I was around 23 weeks pregnant, I held a lot of interviews with different Doulas, and Jax immediately stood out to me. She was exactly what I had envisioned in my Doula: plenty of experience, lots of passion for what she does, full understanding & support of physically active moms-to-be, a mother herself and most importantly her warm, caring energy really made it easy for me to decide to hire her. And what a great decision it was! Jax was involved in my labor as soon as I gave her a call at around 2am in order to let her know that early labor had started. She gave me very helpful tips over the phone and continuously checked up on me before she came to our home. Once she had arrived, she immediately started massaging my legs and back, she held me through contractions and always reminded me of the correct way to breathe, which all helped me to conserve my energy and stay strong. I had a long and hard early labor, and I can honestly say that I would not have made it through that part if it wasn't for Jax's amazing guidance through the process. She timed the departure to the Birthing center perfectly- once we arrived I was immediately submitted to the birthing center. Jax was 100% attentative and by my side throughout the entire process, enduring my clinging on to her neck through many intense contractions without any hesitations. Once my baby was born, Jax had been with us for roughly 16 hours and not once did she let her attention drift away or lose focus on her work. It was such a pleasure to have her fantastic energy with me during my whole birthing experience and I am just so grateful for her! Baby #2 will definitely involve Jax again! We all love her!     -  Anja & Mike



Jax was a fantastic addition to our birth team. When we first started thinking about having a doula, my husband expressed his reservations. He was concerned about how a doula would work with the medical team, and what his role in the birth would become. Living in another country, and far away from my family, I had the strongest feeling that I needed the feminine support during birth. I also wanted someone to keep an eye on Mike, making sure he ate and didn't panic. Though I tried, I couldn't effectively communicate this to Mike, and his reservations continued until the day we met Jax.

She knew how to handle me from the beginning and was straightforward in providing us clear answers to all our birthing questions. After hiring her, she came to our apartment at 37 weeks and stayed for over 3 hours talking over every conceivable thought, worry and concern we had. In the weeks leading up to the birth, it wasn't the childbirth classes that kept me sane, it was the emotional support from Jax. Friends were impressed with my calm exterior and lack of labor fear. I attribute that to her.

When the birth finally came, after a few stressful false starts, Jax was our rock through the whole thing. She was there when we needed and gave us space together when we wanted. When my birth started wavering from my 'ideal', Jax was nothing but supportive, giving me encouraging suggestions and help us through emotional periods. She worked incredibly well with all of the medical team, never once overstepping with them, and soothed my husband by sharing in our sense of humor.

After many hours on pitocin, I finally took the hard decision for an epidural. While waiting for the anesthesiologist, I looked at Jax with tears and said I didn't want her to be disappointed in me. Her answer was to tell me that could never happen, that I was amazing and brave and so strong. Looking back, I believe what this really represented was me and my own potential disappointment, and having that moment with just she and I, helped me to let go right when I needed to.

Most importantly she was physically crucial at the pushing stage, which I had no idea I was so mentally unprepared for. Her words of motivation will always stick with me, especially as she was fundamental in helping get Lillian out on the date I wanted, with just 5 minutes to spare!

As such, I am truly at peace with what was and intense incredible experience. My husband, had tears in his eyes the next morning when recounting the support Jax gave throughout the 26 hours of my labor and would love to have the chance to talk with other unconvinced expecting dads about the benefits.

Jax, we can't thank you enough, and wish you all the success with your journey as a doula.

Much love, Carrie, Mike and Lillian.

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Jax is such a warm and generous person, we were very lucky to have her as our doula.  Her presence allowed me to embrace my own strength in coping with labor. She was supportive and understanding as far as what my ideal scenario. I truly feel like her presence made my birthing a more relaxed, empowering experience.  Not to mention her magical touch, which  helped eleviating some of the pressure.  I was blessed to have her at my side. (Doreen, the birthing wife).

As the husband participating in the birth of my first child, I can say that of all people, our Doula, Jax  helped me understand what was happening, and prepared me for my wife's process of actually giving birth.  Without Jax, I would have been a wreck and probably would have passed out from anxiety. (Lev, the Birthing Husband).

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Jax was my doula for my second birth, a VBAC, and I do not think I could have had a successful delivery without her. She gave me invaluable support and encouragement and I am beyond grateful to have had her with me for a long but very satifsfying day and birth. I pushed for three hours and felt ready to give up more than a few times but Jax was so calm and steady, and although I had a great team of people she was the one who truly got me through it. - Jennifer H

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Jax was an indispensable presence during the birth of our first child. Although we had undertaken months of research and participated in a birthing class, Jax went beyond matching any preparation we might have made. She was the strong center of both moral and physical fortitude during our 20 hours of labor, and united us in the effort. Whether she was applying a cold compress, coaching respiration, or suggesting ways to ensure a more natural and easier labor process, Jax was for us an important player in what proved to be a beautiful and amazing birthing experience. She undoubtedly has a magnificent career as a doula ahead of her, and she would be a great benefit to anyone who is going to have a child.-Natalie & Y  Z.

              * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Jax,   Thank you so, so much for your incredible help before, during, and after Ruby's birth. Your presence was invaluable - we're so glad you were there with us.   

 -Brian, Leah, & Ruby


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Jax was our prenatal doula for the birth of our daughter Isabel. She was fantastic, providing insightful answers to our questions and letting us know she was always available for any concerns we might have. My wife was anxious about labor and delivery and a little skeptical the addition of a doula would be sufficient to help bring her comfort, but looking back we both agree Jax made a huge difference. She helped us with positions during early labor, guided us on when it was time to hit the road to the hospital, and gave us a sounding board once in active labor. Her knowledge and patience were a great resource for both of us and we'd wholeheartedly recommend her to any couples (or singles!) looking to find their own supported path.

- Brian Lemond


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Jax was an amazing addition to my birth team, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering working with a doula. In my last few weeks of pregnancy – and when I was laboring at home with my husband – she was a crucial sounding board, helping to reassure us and to understand how my labor was progressing. With her guidance, we felt confident in the decisions we made – what I wanted for my birth, when to go to the hospital, what was “normal” both in my pregnancy and during labor and delivery. At the hospital, her support, both physical and emotional, was invaluable. She helped me cope with the pain of contractions, allowing me to have the natural, drug-free birth that I wanted but wasn’t sure I would be able to manage. I felt calmer and more confident knowing that, in addition to my husband, I had an advocate on my birth team experienced in childbirth and familiar with my hospital and doctors. I would not think twice about working with her again.

- Debbie Blumberg


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Jax played a pivotal role in our natural child birth. It was important to us to try and labor at home as long as possible before going to the birthing center. With her hands on approach Jax was able to give my husband a well deserved break and helped me work through most of my labor at home.  I had a difficult time in triage getting a good monitor of the baby and Jax stayed by my side and held the monitor for the 20 minutes needed to be able to admit me to the birthing center.  Should we be blessed to ever have this experience again I will be calling Jax to be our doula. Her postpartum visit was also great and she gave us wonderful recommendations when we found out our little guy was tongue tied. Hands down the best choice for a great birth experience. - Bernadette C


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Jax is a wonderful doula and my husband and I strongly recommend her.  Jax helped us create our birth plan and gave us many helpful tips that helped me have a beautiful experience being in labor and have an experience that my husband and I look back on fondly.  I had a much longer labor than I expected - 2.5 days - and I think I would have been more scared and not able to enjoy the experience if she was not there for us.  As my early labor progressed into the second day, she was very encouraging and gave us many helpful ideas on what to do, how to handle it and also make it a bonding time for me and my husband.  As my labor continued through the second night, she came and gave my husband a break so he could get some sleep.  This sleep was really valuable for us because the next night he had much more energy to care for our son while I was exhausted.  I went to the hospital early in the morning on the 3rd day and I remember the nurses cheering for me because I was at 6cm - they said most people can't make it that long.  I felt proud and I know that I would not have been able to if it was not for Jax and for the birth plan that we were trying to follow.  In the end, my son was born via c-section.  My husband was with me throughout the c-section and Jax updated our family.  Our family was also so grateful for Jax and they talk about her so fondly whenever we talk about our son's birth.  I was diasppointed to have the c-section, but I know that we did everything we could to avoid it.  I am grateful that I don't have to wonder if there was anything we could have done differently to have had a natural birth.  I don't think I would have peace of mind about the c-section if it was not for Jax. - Shannon V


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During the first several hours of my labor, I was unsure of whether I would need or want any extra support.  We were having a homebirth and I was relaxed, comfortable, and managing things just fine.  As we got closer, however, our midwives suggested over the phone that it would be a good time to call our doula to come.  I was very glad that they did.  Jax arrived just as I was needing that little bit of reassurance that I was doing well.  From there on out, her presence, touch, and gentle encouragement helped me to maintain my relaxation.  It was like she instinctively knew just how much support I needed and just the right thing to say to help get me through when labor became more challenging.  When all was said and done, I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful, beautiful birthing experience, and Jax's calm, positive energy was a very important part of that.  Our midwives even said several times how great she was.  We couldn't be happier to have had Jax on our "team"!

-Britt LoSacco


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Jax was our doula for birthing our daughter this Summer. When selecting a doula, I only interviewed two people and Jax was the first one I interviewed. The first time I met her, I knew she was the one I wanted to have in the birthing room with us. I wanted someone that is energetic, kind, considerate, knowledgable and someone that taught yoga. Jax was a perfect fit for us.

I was induced on my due date but Jax re-arranged her schedule and arrived as soon as she could to the labor room. She arrived even before my husband as he had to go home to get my stuff.

During my long labor, Jax never showed fetigue and continued to support me with full energy. She knew what to do to make me feel better. Watching Jax, my husband learned the things that help me through my labor and they demonstrated great teamwork.

Having expereinced labor for the first time, I just can't imagine how women can give birth for the first time without a doula. I still remember and will never forget how comforting her hands and sholders were during my contractions. It was as if she knew me for years (like having my mom in the labor room).

After giving birth, Jax touched base with me to make sure I was doing fine and answered the quesitons I had.

With Jax's help, we were able to deliver a happy and healthy baby girl and I highly recoomend Jax. If we ever have another baby, we will definately hire her again. - Emily Mason

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